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Pet Lovers Resort

Pet Daycare

It’s no secret. Dogs love their humans and want to be around them all the time! When their humans leave them home alone, dogs can get bored and anxious. This can lead to undesirable behavior like barking from separation anxiety, gnawing on furniture, or digging. Pet Lovers Resort offers a better solution to leaving your dog or cat at home alone.

We offer pet daycare services for your feline friends, as well. They are separated and kept in their own spaces but still can run, play, and socialize with our lovely staff!

Our 2,500 sq ft play area is full of stimulating playground equipment, toys, and lots of other dogs to keep your dog fully occupied while you’re away. Bring your dog to daycare and our trained and caring staff will make sure they get plenty of individual attention, exercise, and play.

Our Play Areas

Our doggy daycares are separated into two play areas, large and small, based on size and temperament to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for every pet. Each play area comes full of playground equipment, toys, sleeping cots, and even a human to supervise all the fun.

If you would like your dog to follow a precise feeding schedule or taken on a private walk outside during their stay, we offer both services as add-ons.

Stay Informed

We update daily posts on Facebook and Instagram regarding our guests’ stay, so make sure to follow us! Don’t see your furry loved one? Let us know and we will send you pictures or video to your phone.

Health & Safety is First, Always
The Health and Safety of your dog is our number one priority at Pet Lovers Resort. Our play areas are supervised at all times by our experienced and trained staff who engage the dogs in games, play, and maintain a safe and clean environment. Our staff truly loves dogs and while their primary responsibility is to ensure safety, we would never dream of depriving a dog asking to be held or some cuddle time.

In our play area, we have plenty of natural light in all our areas and multiple hospital-quality air filters throughout the facility. These filters are used in hospitals and veterinary clinics to eliminate air-borne bacteria and ensure a happy, healthy, and safe stay at Pet Lovers Resort. Call us today to enroll your pet in our daycare services!

All dogs wishing to attend daycare or overnight boarding must be current on the following vaccinations:

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
  • Distemper/Parvo (DHPP)
  • Additionally, all dogs older than six months of age must be fixed.

For our feline guests, the vaccinations required are:

  • Rabies