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Ask These 23 Questions Before Choosing a Doggy Daycare Near You

Our dogs are like family. They are our children. We fuss over them and make sure to take care of their every need. We experience the same frenetic emotions the first time we drop our pet off at doggy daycare as we do when we drop our child off at their first day of daycare. We want them to have a wonderful experience, but at the same time we worry that those caring for them won’t give them the same tender loving care and one-on-one attention that they have become accustomed to. It can be nerve-wracking!

Will He Like the Doggie Daycare?

How can you ensure that you are sending your furry loved one to an established, well-run doggy daycare? A place where all their needs will be met by a staff of caring, trained and dedicated professionals. It’s simple. Take the same preventative measures you have with your child’s daycare. Ask questions, gather as much information as you can and don’t ignore your first impressions.

Visit Potential Doggie Daycares

Before deciding on a doggy daycare facility, take the time to visit the daycares you are considering and ask for a tour of each. Be aware of the surroundings, how things are set up, the smell, how employees are spoken to and how they interact with the dogs and each other. Ask for references/referrals from current or past clients and look at their Yelp and Google reviews, keeping an eye out for any serious complaints.

Then consider the following questions when choosing a doggie daycare:

  1. Is the facility bonded and insured?
  2. Is the doggy daycare clean and well-taken care of?
  3. How many employees are on-hand at a given time? What is the dog to person ratio?
  4. Are they trained to work with a variety of dogs?
  5. Are there webcams?
  6. What type of exercise do the dogs get during the day?
  7. Is there a designated play area? Is it inside or outside? If it is outside, is it securely fenced in?
  8. Where do the dogs nap and eat their meals? Do they have their own area or is it communal?
  9. How often is the water changed, poop cleaned up, etc.
  10. Do they ask for a medical and vaccination history of your pet?
  11. Do they require that dogs over six months of age be neutered or spayed?
  12. Are there any restrictions about the size of the dogs or the breed?
  13. Is there a minimum or maximum number of hours you have to book for?
  14. Can you visit your dog during the day, if you wish?
  15. Do they track inappropriate behaviors?
  16. Is the doggy daycare easily accessible from your home or office?
  17. What is the procedure in the case of an emergency? Do they know how to perform CPR on dogs? Do they have your veterinarian’s information, if needed?
  18. Will the staff administer medication?
  19. What services do they offer?
  20. Do they have a late pickup fee?
  21. Do they have an evacuation plan in case of a fire or an earthquake?
  22. What is your recourse if there is a grievance?
  23. Is there a procedure that is followed if dogs don’t get along (i.e., are they separated?)

If these sound like queries a parent might have when first sending their child to daycare, they are. Dogs have needs very similar to young children and some of the same inappropriate behaviors such as biting and not sharing toys. Doggie daycares often aren’t regulated as well as some children’s daycare facilities so it is important to do your due diligence as a pet parent.

Pet Lovers Resort Cares

At Pet Lover’s Resort we provide a safe, fun and clean environment for your dog. To accommodate your schedule, we offer a choice of three packages for our daycare clients. For example:

  • Do you need to drop your dog off so you can run an errand? We have a Play Hour for just $10.
  • Maybe you need more than an hour. Try our Half Day package at $20.
  • If you need someone to watch your pet all day so you can work or just take a day off, we can do that too with our Full Day service at $30.

Our trained handlers provide constant supervision of your pet to make sure a good time is had by all.