Keep Your Dog Healthy and Safe with Regular Grooming

Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. They have many of the same physical and emotional needs we do. They crave attention, yearn to be loved and to stay healthy need regular grooming.

Getting your dog groomed is something you should do on a regular basis. Most pet experts agree that dogs should be groomed monthly, depending on the type of coat they have and the length of their hair or fur. It’s also imperative to brush your dog’s fur at least once a week as some breeds may experience more matting than others. For example, breeds such as Alaskan Malamutes, Collies and Chows have a downy undercoat beneath a layer of long hair. If not correctly brushed, the undercoat can become matted. Brushing and other types of grooming also create an emotional bond between you and your dog.

Grooming Your Dog

Grooming is also a terrific way to get your dog acclimated to other people and situations. A groomer typically offers the following services:

  • Shampooing: This should be done weekly to rid your pet of any odors or dirt. If they have a skin disorder or an allergy, bathing daily or several times a week can be helpful.
  • Hair trimming: Trimming your dog’s body hair, plus nasal and ear hairs, helps avoid infections and may improve their auditory and olfactory senses.
  • Nail trimming: How often you trim your dog’s nails depends on their diet, if they are usually indoor and whether they walk mostly on grass or concrete. Harder surfaces will help to grind down the nails. Rule of thumb: Clip as often as needed to keep their nails from touching the ground when they are on all fours.
  • Anal cleaning: Your dog’s anal glands usually empty with their bowel movements. When this doesn’t happen, groomers can manually express the glands.
  • Check for fleas, ticks, sores or lumps: If you see your dog scratching or licking a particular area, it’s worth checking before it becomes infected.
  • Teeth cleaning: Dental hygiene for the family pet is just as important as your own. Like people, dogs build up plaque on their teeth, which if left unchecked can cause issues with their teeth or gums.

Grooming at Pet Lovers Resort

At Pet Lovers Resort we take your pet’s grooming seriously, offering three different packages to meet your dog’s needs and your budget.

  • Our Bath/Brush package includes giving your dog a bath, blow-dry, brush out, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, nail trim, gland expression and lots of love!
  • Our Tidy Trim package provides a bath, blow-dry, brush out, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, nail trim, gland expression, a sanitary trim and lots of love!
  • Our Full Spa treatment offers a bath, blow-dry, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, nail trim, gland expression, a full haircut and lots of love!

Pricing for these services can be found on the grooming page of our website.

We treat your dog as if he/she were our own. We are pet owners ourselves and devote our lives to keeping animals healthy and happy. That means we take our time to make sure that we are giving your family member the attention and care they deserve.

Find Out About Grooming

To find out how Pet Lovers Resort can give your dog the grooming experience of a lifetime contact us at 818-578-5664 or visit our website. Our doggy daycare and grooming facility is conveniently located right off the 101 Freeway at 18416 Ventura Blvd. in Tarzana, CA 91356. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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