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How to Introduce Another Animal into the Home

We’ve all seen it happen. You, a friend, a neighbor or a relative have a dog, and they want to get them a companion. It appears easy just go and get another dog, but that’s only on the surface. Just like humans, our animal friends are sensitive to new environments, new animals or can be territorial. How do you bring another dog into your home without creating a potentially harmful situation?

5 Tips on How to Bring a New Dog into the Family

It appears to all be in how the animals are introduced to one another and where. To create a safe environment for the pet you have and the new one you want to bring in, consider the following:

  1. If you have just adopted your dog, animal behaviorists suggest waiting at least six months before introducing a new animal into the mix to give them time to acclimate to the family, the home, etc.
  2. When introducing your dog to a new friend in a neutral environment such as a park or a dog training center make sure there are no other dogs or toys in the area.
  3. Keep both dogs on leashes and allow them to explore the area. If you’re comfortable with how things are going, you can try letting your dog off-leash. Allow the two canines to get to know one another.
  4. Once you have brought a new dog into the family, remember not to ignore your other furry loved one. He or she needs just as much if not more attention.
  5. To avoid any antagonism between the two dogs, place the food and water bowls in different areas of the room. This rule also applies to separate sleeping areas.

Looking at It from Your Pet’s Perspective

Put yourself in your pet’s place. How do you react when you’re in a new situation or are meeting new people? Do you put defenses up? What assurances do you need to move forward? Your dog has many of these same concerns even if they are not exhibited or expressed in quite the same way.

If you’re a client of Pet Lover’s Resort, please alert us to any changes in your dog’s routine, including a new friend being introduced into the home. We will be able to help you reassure your loved one(s) that everything is going to work out. Your dog’s happiness is as much our concern as it is yours.

If you aren’t a client of ours, ask anyone who is, and they will tell how you how we care for and handle the dogs in our daycare with tenderness and loving kindness. We consider them part of our family as well.